I am a professional contemporary dancer. I have been dancing happily for eight years in the Colombian Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC), belonging to the Colombian Ballet Institute, Incolballet, as a performer and as a choreographer. I have been nourished by different styles in contemporary dance with dance groups in the city of Cali and I have received training in workshops given by teachers such as Jazmín Londoño (Colombia), Francia Mamián (Colombia), Álvaro Restrepo (Colombia), Redha Bentefoir (France ), Davy Brun (France), Susana Pous (Spain), Julio Cesar Iglesias (Cuba), Georges Momboye, Matheau Ghilleamoun, the Dani Panullo company (Spain) among others. Among my interests are choreographic creation, teaching contemporary dance and contact dance, improvisation in public spaces and the creation of experimental audiovisual materials from photography and video.

I came to visit friends as a tourist but I fell in love with the opportunities that this country can offer me and my time is limited until June because my Visa expires.

I am looking for the option to dance here and among my options is to work with companies that need me as an artist and I already found them, but I need the financial resources to pay for this visa. So I decided to open this space to turn my ideas into reality.

I can give you contemporary dance classes, contact improvisation, ballet, improvisation, creation games for video dance and I can do it virtually or in person if you are in New York. I am here for you too.


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