The story is as follows, after ending with all our options to be able to pay, we must resort to the help of our friends and family, we have never done this before but is our only option. A human mistake put us, in one of the most significant troubles of our lives. One of us put the wrong fuel in a rental diesel car, ruining the engine.

We thought we could pay the damage, but it turned into an unpayable amount of around 7054 Euros. Until today putting in all the disposable savings we had, we manage to pay only 3000 Euros. Please take into account that each Euro is 4.5 times the value in Colombian pesos.

The 4,054 Euros that we still have to pay have us in big trouble, because they don't give us much time to pay, and this means that if we don't pay, we will have our salaries seized, especially for me and Alejandro, who is credit cards were used to rent the van.

We ask you to put yourself in our position, we have already used up all our resources and we have no one else to turn to. It was a human error that we are paying disproportionately. Any collaboration can help us to be able to pay or at least to negotiate with the company so that they can give us more time.


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